I roll like a ball

I'm Pete.
A letter carrier by day, fullstack hobbyist by night.
This page holds some of my public projects, have a look around.


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A non-profit secure multiplayer server for Mordheim tabletop campaigns.

Back: Java WebSocket server served by Apache2
Front: Open-source webpage (JS/JQuery, CSS, HTML5).

All copyrights to their respective owners:
Mordheim © Games Workshop Limited
Icons © https://game-icons.net/

Please note that this project is driven only by fun, enjoyment and pure old WAAAGH!
Bug fixes and updates are handled "maybe later, when the kids are asleep".
After final release, the server will be freely distributed under GNU GPLv3.

Curriculum Vitae of a beautiful and unique snowflake:

Interested in hiring a developer? Need an extra hand on weird science?

I've devoured Java for years, currently focusing more on front end (JS/CSS/HTML).
I run my own linux server, I even built a whole house around it.
I am a .fi-domain name registrar.
I did thought about naming my kid 'Little Bobby Tables'.
My Magnum Opus is a game. Eventually.

Feel free to contact me by email: